select publications

Below are select publications from the lab, with links to PDFs. If you are looking for the PDF of an article not listed here, feel free to contact us!

Heberling JM, McDonough MacKenzie C, Fridley JD, Kalisz S, Primack RB. 2019. Phenological mismatch with trees reduces wildflower carbon budgets. Ecology Letters doi: 10.1111/ele.13224.

McDonough MacKenzie C, Mittelhauser G, Primack RB, Miller-Rushing AJ. 2019. Trails as transects: phenology monitoring across heterogeneous microclimates in Acadia National Park, Maine. Ecosphere doi/10.1002/ecs2.2626.

Gallinat AS, Primack RB, et al. 2018. Patterns and predictors of fleshy fruit phenology at five international botanical gardens. American Journal of Botany 105: 1824-1834.

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Stegman, L, Primack RB, Gallinat AS, Lloyd-Evans TL, Ellwood ER. 2017. Reduced sampling frequency can still detect changes in abundance and phenology of migratory landbirds. Biological Conservation, 210: 107-115. PDF

Willis CG, Ellwood ER, Primack RB, Davis CC, Pearson KD, Gallinat AS, Yost JM, Nelson G, Mazer SJ, Rossington NL, Sparks TH, Soltis PS. 2017. Old plants, new tricks: phenological research using herbarium specimens. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 32: 531-546. PDF

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Primack, RB and AS Gallinat. 2016. Spring budburst in a changing climate. American Scientist 104: 102-109. PDF

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Primack RB, Laube J, Gallinat A, Menzel A. 2015. From observations to experiments in phenology research: investigating climate change impacts on trees and shrubs using dormant twigs. Annals of Botany doi: 10.1093/aob/mcv032. PDF

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Gallinat A, Primack, R.B., and Wagner DL. 2015. Autumn, the neglected season in climate change research. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. PDF

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Panchen, Z.A., R.B. Primack, . B. Nordt, E.R. Ellwood, A.D. Stevens, S.S. Renner, C.G. Willis, R. Fahey, A. Whittemore, Yanjun Du, C.C. Davis. 2014. Leaf out times of temperate woody plants are related to phylogeny, deciduousness, growth habit, and wood anatomy. New Phytologist 203: 1208-1219. PDF

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Polgar, C.A, R.B Primack, E. Williams, S. Stichter, and C. Hitchcock. 2013. The effect of temperature on the timing of the adult flight period of Lycenid butterflies in Massachusetts. Biological Conservation 160: 25-31. PDF

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Miller-Rushing, A.J., R.B. Primack, and R. Bonney.. 2012. The history of public participation in ecological research. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10:285-290. PDF

Miller-Rushing, A.J., R.B. Primack, N. Phillips, and R. Kaufmann. 2012. Effects of warming temperatures on winning times in the Boston Marathon. PLoS ONE 7(9): e43579. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0043579. PDF

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